Breeding and Showing High
Quality Holland Lops, New
Zealands, and Mini Rex
We are located in beautiful Millersburg,
Ohio, in the heart of Amish Country. We
believe strongly that you must only keep the
very best in your herd to succeed, so every
rabbit in our breeding and show program is
pictured on our website. Please enjoy our
website and visit again!
Please pray for the safety of my brother, SFC Brett Brown.  
He is now s
erving in Afghanistan.  Also, continue to pray for
LL of our troops, with a special prayer for Brian Watts, a
close family friend who is again in Iraq.
***UPDATED 10/20/09***
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SFC Brett Brown in Iraq- above
Getting a Congressional promotion
while in Iraq- right
***Newsflash:  Mom (Jenni) is working full time now so no real updates since
the very end of May to the site.  Hope to get some time to work on it soon!!  The
baby Hollands that were a few weeks old in their pics are about to turn senior
and look great!  Please email for a list of sale bunnies!  Also Mini Rex sell out!

***Best Display Youth with
15 in the top ten at Holland Nationals 2009 & BOS
the day after!!  
Also, the kids finished #1 in Nat'l. Holland Lop points and CSR
Tyra was #1 Top Lop
for 2008!!  

***BOS youth Holland Lop at ARBA Convention '08 & Best Breed
Display!!  Check out all of our results below!!
BOS Holland Lop
Youth at ARBA
Convention '08!!
We'd like to congratulate Kylee
& Paige Smith who won BOB
with their Solid Sr Buck!  Also,
congratulations to DJ Swan &
Aislin Hall for their BOSV wins,
& to the open winners as well!!   
ARBA Convention Results '08
Holland Lops (412 total shown, we entered 28)
*Best Breed Display
*Stoney Brook's Pearl- BOS of Breed & BOV Broken
*CSR Ethan- 2nd of 68 Solid Sr Bucks
*Raffay's Sliver- 3rd of 38 Solid Sr Does
*CSR Tasha- 5th of 38 Solid Sr Does
*CSR Ella- 19th of 38 Solid Sr Does
*CSR Mace- 3rd of 66 Solid Jr Bucks
*CSR Marvin- 5th of 66 Solid Jr Bucks
*CSR Trevor- 13th of 66 Solid Jr Bucks
*CSR Sly- 14th of 66 Solid Jr Bucks
*CSR Kahlua- 24th of 66 Solid Jr Bucks
*CSR Amari- 4th of 64 Solid Jr Does
*CSR Mulan- 5th of 64 Solid Jr Does
*CSR Shay- 18th of 64 Solid Jr Does
*CSR Taryn- 20th of 64 Solid Jr Does
*CSR Mac- 18th of 50 Broken Sr Bucks
*Stoney Brook's Pearl- 1st of 40 Broken Sr Does
*CSR Savea- 4th of 40 Broken Sr Does
*CSR Eva- 10th of 40 Broken Sr Does
*CSR Madox- 3rd of 40 Broken Jr Bucks
*CSR Megan- 2nd of 46 Broken Jr Does
*CSR Eden- 24th of 46 Broken Jr Does

Mini Rex (796 total shown, we entered 5)
*Rogers Jack- 9th of 21 Black Jr Bucks
*CSR Cammi- 25th of 46 Broken Sr Does
*CSR Leo- 7th of 36 Broken Jr Bucks
*CSR Laci- 8th of 46 Broken Jr Does

New Zealands (239 total shown, we entered 2)
*CSR Keepin' the Faith- 13th White 6/8 Buck
*Rogers Norbert- 10th White Jr Buck
B6C Youth with Rogers Patch
Adams, New Zealand White, at
the PASRBA Show on 2/8/09!!
Karrina is pictured here with Patch and her B6C award.  
The kids also had BOB Holland Lop with the incredible
CSR Tyra!  Tyra can be seen on the Holland Sr Doe page.  
Congratulations to all the other BOB winners that day!!  
It was a great show!!